About Belter Tech

Belter Tech is built on over 100 years of construction experience. A collective group of builders, manufacturers and engineers with vast experience are working together to create the next generation of building materials. 

We are creating products that fundamentally change the way we build our living and working spaces. Our products contain up to 45% recycled content from both post-consumer and post-industrial applications, bringing sustainable solutions to difficult problems on the job site. These reclaimed waste products cannot be recycled by traditional means and typically find their way into landfills.

Belter Tech offers a new class of materials with superior insulating, acoustic, fire resistant, and mold and mildew resistant characteristics. We are proud divert waste from landfills around the world by offering new uses for difficult to recycle materials. Our production methods do not require harmful chemicals or additives, and we expect to be a net-carbon-neutral manufacturer by 2025.