About Belter Tech

“At Belter Tech, we are more than builders; we are aviators of innovation, navigating the skies of sustainable construction with resilience and a commitment to change. Our journey began with a mission to address the environmental impact of global construction – nearly 15% of greenhouse gas emissions and 30% of landfill waste stem from these vital industries.

In the realm of construction, we don’t just follow industry norms; we challenge them. Belter Tech stands as a testament to pioneering solutions, and our focus on sustainability has led us to the forefront of the industry. Our team, comprising builders, engineers, and manufacturers, has set out to redefine the construction landscape by developing high-performing products from post-industrial and post-consumer waste.

While others may falter, we remain resilient in our pursuit of eco-friendly practices. Acknowledging that 90% of manufacturing processes in construction lack environmental friendliness, we have crafted a different narrative. Our engineers ensure that our manufacturing doesn’t compromise the delicate balance of our environment – no harmful chemicals, no disruptive machines. By 2025, Belter Tech is committed to being a net-zero carbon neutral manufacturer, a testament to our unwavering dedication to sustainability. With manufacturing plants strategically located in Atlanta, GA, and the New York Tri-state area, we are not just building products; we are constructing a sustainable legacy. Belter Tech believes in creating products that transcend the ordinary, fundamentally changing the way we build and inhabit our spaces.

Our flagship innovation: Low-Embodied Carbon Concrete. This revolutionary material doesn’t just build structures; it builds a greener tomorrow. By significantly reducing carbon emissions associated with construction materials, we’re charting a course toward a more sustainable future. It’s a commitment to environmental stewardship that resonates with our company slogan: “Innovation, stewardship, sustainability.”

Our products, made from up to 100% recycled content, boast superior insulating, fire-resistant, acoustic, and mold-resistant properties. Choosing Belter Tech isn’t just a construction decision; it’s a statement of intent to contribute to LEED, WELL, ENV SP, and Passive House credits for your project.

In an era marked by inflated material prices, raw material shortages, and supply chain issues, we see an opportunity to redirect, reclaim, and reuse landfill diversion waste. Belter Tech is here to lead the charge in developing sustainable construction products that will redefine the way we build for generations to come.

Will you join us as the catalyst for change? Together, let’s soar to new heights in innovation, reshape the industry’s landscape, and create a legacy of sustainability. Belter Tech – where pioneering meets resilience, and where every construction project is a step toward a greener future.”

Meet the Team

Gerry Hughes

CEO & Founder

Kevin Shepherd

Director of Research & Development

Chris Shue

Director of Communications

Martin Moss

Managing Partner

Brian Maloney

Managing Partner

Matt Tarallo

Chief Financial Officer

Saskeia Jamurath

Accounting Manager

Paul Shramkenko

Operations Manager

Chi Gonzales

Sustainability Officer

Pete Hughes

Graphic & Web Developer



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