In reaches of the Island land lay roots,
Of native clan persist, and do abound.
Here, rests a habitation upon a shore,
A great expanse of sun-kissed mirrored dew.

A quaint, discerning folk bid tidings,
Of stoic heart yet humble, soft adieu.
A lakeland, she is cloaked in garments
Ominous yet appealing grey,
Amid a moist embrace.

Memories afar of speckled fellow,
Beneath a smooth yet hurried crystal flow,
The mottles and the movement obscure
The piercing reach of youthful eye,
A fond memory of yesteryear.

A posture of repose may fool unweary,
The stalking silence of stilted Ardeidae,
She stands stark as patient sentinel.
The twisting mustelidae compete
for golden fellow, a rare and joyful sight,
A gut of gastropod, a fisherman’s delight.

Along her arteries and least trodden
Corridors, erosion burdened banks.
This longing for those rugged,  joyful days,
It will remain…
An etching in the spirit of those ways.

– Author Unknown

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