Welcome to Belter’s Blog, where our passion for utilizing recycled materials in concrete drives our exploration of full-scale circularity within the building industry. Over the past three years, we’ve been pioneering the integration of waste materials into concrete, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. While many focus on traditional recycled materials like Fly Ash and Slag, our vision extends to a wider array of resources, including processed glass and plastics. The question often arises: will these materials perform as effectively as traditional aggregates, and will they maintain durability over time? The answer is a resounding yes. Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA), sourced from demolished concrete, undergoes processing to meet the standards required for various concrete applications. Additionally, materials like processed glass and plastics, once incorporated into concrete mixes, can serve as RCA at the end of their concrete life cycle, further extending the sustainability of our construction practices. But the benefits extend beyond waste reduction. These recycled materials enhance concrete properties, opening new avenues for application. From improved insulation (thanks to enhanced R-Values) to lighter weight for easier handling and transportation, the advantages are manifold. Enhanced sound insulation and superior fire resistance further underscore the value of integrating recycled materials into concrete mixes. In embracing these solutions, we not only minimize waste but also unlock a wealth of practical benefits that contribute to safer, more sustainable construction practices. It’s time to recognize the opportunities that lie right before us – turning what was once considered waste into invaluable assets for the concrete industry

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