Belter Fill

Belter Fill

Belter Fill is an insulative loose fill. The values of this Insulation are fire retardancy, acoustical value, and its thermal properties. This product soaks up water and will leave minimal water damage during any kind of leak. Made of 100% Post-Consumer Waste. 


Belter Fill is particularly suitable for floor spans, roof spans, and open cavities.


  • Thermal Insulating 
  • Harmless to Health 
  • Easy application/handling 
  • Meets ASTM E136 non-combustible 
  • Not a host for pests or rodents 
  • Displaces oxygen and suffocates fire 
  • Prevents Re-Flaming 
  • Tested and recommended by the Institute of Building Biology + Sustainability 
  • Long-term stable, no material fatigue