Belter Fire PRO

Belter Fire PRO

Belter FirePRO is an environmentally friendly fire suppression that can protect lithium runaways and class D metal fires. This product is lightweight and is 100% mineral based which declares that it is non-combustible. Belter FIrePRO will not provide any water damage. 


Belter FIrePRO is a Fire suppression that absorbs oxygen while separating from combustible material when covering a Class D metal or lithium fires. Belter FirePRO absorbs fluids to prevent the spread of hazardous chemicals.  


  • No Extinguishing water damage 
  • Harmless to Health 
  • Absorbs thermal energy and prevents it from expanding 
  • Other extinguishing agents can be used 
  • Purely mineral 100% 
  • Displaces oxygen and suffocates fire 
  • Prevents Re-Flaming 
  • Tested and recommended by the Institute of Building Biology + Sustainability 
  • Class D fire extinguishing agent 
  • Recycled & Reusable 



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