Belter Therm

Belter Flow Crete

Belter Flow Crete blends sustainability with flowability. This concrete is infused with 40% recycled content, making it an eco-conscious choice for your projects. With a robust 4000+ PSI strength and boasting 58% more coverage, Belter Flow Crete excels in efficiency. The enhanced bonding adhesion provides flowability, allowing for thinner pours while resisting cracking and great pumpability. This makes it particularly suitable for hard-to-access areas, the legs of cavities, confined spaces, and areas where weight loads are a concern. Embrace the future of concrete with another fantastic Belter product, a low embodied carbon solution that aligns performance with environmental responsibility.


Belter Flow Crete is suitable for:
– Cavities
– Confined spaces
– Topping fills
– Floor Screeds


  • Contains 58% More Volume Than Traditional Concrete
  • 40% Recycled Content
  • Exceptional Crack Resistance 
  • Low Embodied Carbon Concrete
  • Meets ASTM C-109: 7 days = 4000 psi ■ Lightweight
  • Air content (ASTM C231) – 5.6%
  • Wet Density 117lbs /cu.ft (ASTM C-185) 
  • Cured Density 115lbs +/- 5lbs / cu.ft (ASTM C-29)
  • Superior Adhesion to Substrates