Belter Feather

Belter Grout NS

Belter Grout NS is a cement-based grouting compound with superior strength. Belter Grout is non-shrink and varies in consistencies from flowable to trowel able. Ideal anchoring cement.


Machinery bases
Anchoring bolts, posts, and railings
Structural Columns
Bearing Plates


  • All-Mineral Based
  • Superior workability & pumpability
  • No harmful irritating fumes or emissions
  • Vibration Resistant
  • Can be used interior or exterior
  • ASTM C-109 Compressive Strength 7 days= 7,000
  • ASTM C-348 Flexural Strength 28 days = 1050
  • ASTM C-882 Bond Strength 28 days= 1,800
  • Resists oils, salts, and other chemicals
  • Does not provide a bed for mold growth