Belter-Repair Mortar bag

Belter Repair Mortar

Belter Repair Mortar

Belter Repair Mortar is a cement-based, polymer modified material to repair vertical and overhead concrete and masonry surfaces.  Belter Repair Mortar is high strength, low shrinkage and fast setting making is a cost-efficient solution.


Cracks in Curbs, Steps, and Floors
Parking Structures, Walkways, Bridges, & Tunnels
Fast Repairs for Bridges, pilings, and buildings
Vertical and Overhead Repairs
Repairs for Precast concrete panels


  • Vertical & Overhead Repairs
  • Fast Repair; 6–20-minute initial set
  • ASTM C-666 Freeze Thaw Resistance = 50 cycles
  • ASTM C-348 Flexural Strength 28 days = 1680
  • ASTM C-109 Compressive Strength= 7025
  • ASTM C-157 Shrinkage
  • Can be installed ¼” to 2”
  • Enhanced with Belter Corrosion inhibitor



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