Belter Therm

Belter Therm

Belter Therm is an insulative lightweight fill product that utilizes 55% post-industrial recycled content and fire retardant foam to create a strong, lightweight, and highly insulative fill. Its lightweight allows for easy handling and is excellent for use as a strong base around heating pipes and any area where insulation is needed. 



  • Weight per ft3- 37lbs Dry 
  • Thermal Insulating 
  • Stable, very light spherical grain 
  • Good pourability 
  • ASTM C39 Compressive Strength 7 days = 2500 
  • Slump ranges 8-9 inches 
  • Superior Fire Suppression Tested to ASTM E119 
  • Meets ASTM E136 non-combustible 
  • Not a host for pests or rodents 
  • Does not provide a bed for mold growth 
  • Contaminant-free, odorless, anti-allergen 
  • Tested and recommended by the Institute of Building Biology + Sustainability 
  • Long-term stable, no material fatigue