Belter Yield EPD

Belter Yield EPD

Belter Yield EPD® is a fiber-reinforced high-strength light-weight concrete with bonding adhesion. It has 58% more coverage than other bagged concrete mixes. The bonding adhesion gives it superior adhesion to damaged substrates and enables it to be poured at thinner and enhances exceptional crack resistance. It is ideal for metal decking or structure infills where weight loads are issue and floor screeds.


Belter Lite® EPD® has a wide variety of applications, including;

Metal decks 
– Floor screeds 
– Patios 
– Metal pan Stairs
– Sidewalks
– P
arking decks 
– Foundation footing  
– Ramps & roofs


  • Contains 58% More Volume Than Traditional Concrete
  • 40% Recycled Content 
  • Exceptional Crack Resistance
  • Low Embodied Carbon Concrete
  • Meets ASTM C-109: 7 days = 5,500 psi
  • Lightweight
  • Air content (ASTM C231) – 5.6
  • Dry Density 72lbs /cu.ft (ASTM C-29)
  • Wet Density 117lbs /cu.ft (ASTM C-185)
  • Cured Density 115lbs +/- 5lbs / cu.ft
  • Superior Adhesion to Substrates