Whether your use case requires that you decrease the weight of your materials (high rises, old buildings, etc.) or you just want your products to be easier to work with, Belter Tech products are lighter than traditional counterparts. Mixing bags of floor fill, installing panel systems, or constructing a firewall, our lightweight product line allows crews to move faster and work more safely, while putting less strain on structural components and transportation methods.

Sound Dampening

Leveraging specialty recycling methods, we entrain air pockets that offer improved acoustic dampening over commonly used gypsum based products. This effect is particularly noticeable in our ceiling tiles and design panels, which seamlessly improve the acoustics of any room.


The patented recycling system Belter Tech employs enhances the thermal properties of raw material that would normally be sent to the landfill. Our incorporation of this recycled content into cement- and resin-bound mixtures captures small air pockets that form an insulating barrier with a low density. Whether as floor fill, ceiling tile, or part of a panel system, Belter Tech products offer a first-of-its-kind rigid, structural insulator with limitless possibilities.

Fire Retardent

Our mineral-based product line is ASTM-certified non-combustible. The recycled content incorporated throughout Belter Tech’s products meets ASTM E-84 standards for surface burning characteristics, and does not produce smoke or contribute to fire spread.