Echoes of the Island’s Heart

In reaches of the Island land lay roots,Of native clan persist, and do abound.Here, rests a habitation upon a shore,A great expanse of sun-kissed mirrored dew. A quaint, discerning folk bid tidings,Of stoic heart yet humble, soft adieu.A lakeland, she is cloaked in garmentsOminous yet appealing grey, Amid a moist embrace. Memories afar of speckled […]

Recycled Materials in Concrete

Welcome to Belter’s Blog, where our passion for utilizing recycled materials in concrete drives our exploration of full-scale circularity within the building industry. Over the past three years, we’ve been pioneering the integration of waste materials into concrete, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. While many focus on traditional recycled materials like Fly Ash and […]



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