ThermCloud® Ceiling Tiles from Belter Tech® are revolutionizing the ceiling tile industry by offering superior performance from upcycled material. Available in two finishes with standard and custom colors available, ThermCloud tiles are lightweight and easy to install, providing acoustical and thermal insulation, moisture and mold resistance, with a durable face that is resistant to physical damage.

A major component in any office building or high rise, swapping out standard ceiling tiles for ThermCloud tiles with 82% upcycled material can help increase Building scores in LEED evaluations.

ThermCloud Ceiling Tiles are the right choice for your business and the right choice for the planet, plus it’s simple to make the switch.

  • Unique Artisan Finishes

    Flat or Wave

  • Ceiling Tile Edge Types

    5/16” tegular/reveal edge (Optional custom reveal depths from 5/16” to 2”)

  • Colors

    Choose from our color chart or custom colors can be produced.

  • Coverage

    ThermCloud comes in a 3” thick 2’x2’ tile = 4 ft.² (0.37 m²) per tile 400 ft.² per pallet

  • Packaging

    3.1 lbs / 1.41 kg per tile 100 tile per pallet = 310 lbs / 140.62kg pallet

  • Shelf Life

    24 months, if properly sealed and stored.

  • Storage

    Store on sealed pallet in a cool/dry area. Protect from extreme heat [90°F (32°C)], moisture and direct sunlight.

  • Price

    3” Thick 2’x2’ $15.00 per Tile ($3.75 Per/SF)




BENEFIT ThermCloud Standard Tile
Upcycled Content
Superior R Value tile 21.6*
Cosmetically Superior 5/16” Tegular/Reveal Edge to Provide More Depth and Texture to Your Ceiling Plane
Superior Sound Absorption
Unique Finish
Class A Fire Rating*
Moisture Repellent on Both the Face and Back of the Tile
Rejuvenate Coat if Damaged
Mold and Rodent Resistant
Easy to Install with Minimal Dust Migration
Anti Static

*Undergoing standard testing by ASTM International



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