Belter Fill recycles post-consumer and post-industrial waste aggregate in a cement-based fill system that is strong, lightweight, highly insulating, and fire retardant. With 82%  recycled content and a mineral-based formulation, Belter Fill prioritizes sustainability from sourcing to installation.

Belter Fill offers extraordinary weight savings over other fills, making it especially well-suited to high rises and renovations of older structures where weight requirements are stringent. Its natural insulating characteristics further these weight savings by minimizing the need for other insulating layers and reducing overall floor thickness. Belter Fill’s cementitious binder forms a strong matrix that is safe and stable for future floor constructions.

Ease of use on-site is a top priority. Belter Fill bags of dry mix are lightweight and easy to transport on-site; they are mixed following simple ratios with standard concrete mixing equipment or by hand. Conveying Belter Fill on-site is similar to conveying concrete.

Belter Fill excels where other fills fall short. Compensating large height differences, filling around existing plumbing without cracking pipes, and adding necessary fire protection to old buildings are easily accomplished. The lightweight and great workability of Belter Fill simplifies tough jobs, reduces labor costs, and keeps the project on schedule.