At Belter Tech, we created our licensing program to aid in the global diversion of landfill waste and the creation of circular economies. Our licensing program is straightforward, involving both Belter Tech (the licensor) as well as the licensee.  

In this relationship, Belter Tech owns the rights to the intellectual property (IP) and the licensee gets to manufacture products utilizing the IP via a license agreement between the parties. The licensee will pay Belter Tech a royalty for the use of the IP, which can either be a flat rate or a percentage of the sales of the products that incorporate the IP. This model can be applied to nearly all our product lines. 

Our product licenses allow licensees the leverage to expand their product selection for a negotiated period of time.  

Licensing benefits both the licensor and the licensee. The licensor can offer new products that fall outside its core competencies, as well as acquire a critical revenue stream essential for growth. At the same time, the licensee gains a competitive edge in the marketplace by differentiating their products through groundbreaking IP. Both businesses can see their respective brands gain increased relevancy, recall, and revenue.