Insulative Panels

Belter Board replaces and improves upon panel products in a variety of applications due to its lightweight, fire-retardant properties, and use of post-consumer and post-industrial waste. It is sustainably manufactured in Atlanta, Georgia.

Belter Board is used as a carrier panel for natural stone, man-made stone, metal, glass, concrete, laminates, and a multitude of other finished surfaces. Large embedded tapped fittings allow for mounting to rails, clips, cleats or other fastening systems. This allows for greater strength and high pull-out strengths at anchor points. It will not encourage mold growth, absorb water, is easily field cut, and does not contain crystalline silica.

In the signage industry, Belter Board is improving environmental impact by replacing foam substrates. Similarly, in millwork applications it replaces finished, veneered, and laminate plywood. Belter Board has a patent pending design that is easily routed, drilled, cut, glued, and coated with veneers and laminates. It does not burn, has high strength to weight, will not rot or grow mold in wet locations, and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Design Panels

Our patterned and textured panels showcase the beauty of recycled materials. The possibilities are endless, but you’re likely to find uses in entryways, lobbies, conference rooms, hallways, and restrooms. Belter Tech’s design panels can form an eye-catching suspended installation with integrated hardware and lighting or an understated wall treatment that adds visual interest with subtle light and shadow. 

Function meets form in hotel lobbies and restaurant dining rooms where our panels are often used as room dividers or as a unique drop ceiling. We have multiple textures and geometries available off-the-shelf, or we can create a custom pattern for larger orders.