Highest quality building solutions made from up to 100% recycled waste material

A new class of lightweight building materials utilizing recycled waste for modern construction and sustainable design.

Sustainably recycled & upcycled materials

Sustainability is the very core of our entire product line. 

In a world where waste and pollution are growing concerns, Belter Tech creates products that meet modern needs while utilizing up to 100% post-consumer waste.  

In addition to being environmentally friendly, these products can serve a variety of purposes, including acting as thermal barriers, acoustic dampeners, heat conductors, and fire suppressors—all with the added benefit of being extremely lightweight. Due to the quality of these materials, the structures in which they are utilized consume energy efficiently and reduce household CO2 emissions. The fact that the materials are lightweight means transportation is more efficient and therefore supply chain emissions are decreased.  

The recycled materials incorporated in Belter Tech products range from between 44%-100% post-consumer waste. These materials act as thermal barriers, provide acoustic dampening, heat conductivity, fire suppression and, of course, make our products extremely lightweight. These benefits have additional effects of their own. A good building envelope decreases energy consumption for climate control, lighter weight decreases emissions in the supply chain.

Reduction in waste is beneficial to the planet.
Sustainable products are no longer a niche but a necessity.

Belter Tech is proud to partner with companies and manufacturers around the country to divert their waste from landfills and put it back on the market in the form of new, sustainable products. For example, PIR foam and glass are permanently diverted from landfills with every project and ensure the particles stay out of the ocean or the earth. 

Reduction of waste creates a reduction in emissions, energy usage

Re-use of waste creates new products with 100% recycled materials.

Recycling of waste creates new products diverting up to 73% of those materials from landfills.


Belter Tech recognizes that an important aspect of sustainable development is innovation, and is therefore continuously researching and developing new ways to make better products that meet the world’s sustainability needs.