Highest quality fillers made from recycled materials

Lightweight, durable fill system that’s up to 45% post-consumer waste.
A new class of building materials for modern construction and sustainable design.

So light you can carry it to any site (if you must)

Belter Tech’s products are super lightweight – Perfect for jobs in basements or older structures where access is limited. Hand carry into the site, without the fatigue and hassle of heavier materials.

Best-in-class toughness lasts forever

More durable – Proprietary process makes products with up to 3x higher PSI values than other upcycled filling products.

Heat conducting performance enables new applications

Conducts better than conventional cement, so you can use it for heated flooring, around piping elements and much much more.

Sustainably upcycled materials

Our high quality, non-toxic materials are recycled from 45% post-consumer waste, removing PIR foam permanently from the environment with every project and ensuring the particles stay out of the ocean.

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What customers and partners are saying

Conducts better than lightweight cements, so we are using it for heated flooring, around piping elements and much much more.

Jimmy Mac

McMahon Construction

So much easier to carry into basements and other hard to access areas of our job site. Belter Lite increased our productivity and delivered a finished product that does more than fill the space.

Shane L.

Kilree Construction

Our development team is excited about the possibilities the insulation values bring to our projects. Belter Therm is a game changer.

Nuno G.

Melvin Construction

Our Story

Founded in 2012 by a team with 20+ years experience in construction in the New York, Boston and Atlanta areas.

Having seen the need for better, greener filler and panel products, Belter Tech has developed a sustainable, high-performing solution and manufacture it our our US-based plant in Atlanta Georgia.

The name “Belter” is Irish (where Gerry’s from) for “Great” – as in a “belter of a game.” That’s how much we believe in our products.

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