For Belter Tech, it all begins with environmental impact. “Sustainability” is not a buzzword for us, it is the very core of our entire product line. 

The recycled aggregate incorporated in Belter Tech products ranges between 40%-75% air by volume. These captured air bubbles act as a thermal barrier, provide acoustic dampening, and, of course, make our products extremely lightweight. Each of these benefits has ripple effects of its own: a good building envelope decreases energy consumption for climate control, lighter weight decreases emissions in the supply chain and transportation of final products, etc.

We are proud to partner with companies and manufacturers around the country to divert their waste from the landfill and give it new life.


Weight, emissions, heat transfer, waste in landfills, building energy usage, synthetic products.


Industrial and consumer waste is often still usable, but needs a new purpose.


Processing waste material into new products with improved properties.



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